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For the Press

Aimee Bissonette

For the Press


Aimée Bissonette was born in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, the sixth of seven children. She grew up with her suitcase never fully unpacked—her family moved many times and she attended 8 different schools before graduating from high school. Aimée earned her Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and her Law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School. She has worked as an occupational therapist, teacher, lawyer, and small business owner. In addition to her books for children, Aimée has published a book for K-12 teachers and administrators on the legal issues associated with technology in the schools. She lives with her family and dogs in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Interview with Aimée Bissonette,” Emilee Ceuninck, Pine Reads Review, 15 December 2023

Aimee Bissonette: Reading Reveals Worlds We Wouldn’t Know Otherwise,” Lisa Bullard, Mackin Community, 26 June 2023

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Aim for the Skies
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Do Not Rake Your Garden in a Party Dress
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Headstrong Hallie
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Miss Colfax's Light
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Shipwreck Reefs
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The Tinaja Tonight
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When Winter Comes
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When Summer Comes
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When Fall Comes
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Aimee Bissonette

Aimée Bissonette

Photo credit: Erik Bell,
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