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Shipwreck Reefs

Shipwreck Reefs

Shipwreck Reefs

written by Aimée Bissonette
illustrated by Adèle Leyris
Imagine This! series
Albert Whitman & Co., September 2021
ISBN 9780807512876, ages 4 and up

About the Book

When ships sink to the ocean floor, the ocean transforms them into artificial reefs. This new life begins with the growth of coral polyps and the arrival of small plankton, followed by schools of fish and hungry predators, until the ship is home to hundreds of sea creatures. It’s a magical transformation from relic to reef that helps bring life back to struggling ocean ecosystems.

A peek inside the book

Shipwreck Reefs
from Shipwreck Reefs, illustration © Adèle Leyris

About the Illustrator

Adèle Leyris is a Franco-English illustrator based in London. Inspired by the shapes that nature offers, she spends a lot of time observing and drawing what she finds in the wild during her travels before working on her compositions. Learn more about Adèle.