Do Not Rake Your Garden in a Party Dress
written by Aimée Bissonette
illustrated by Kelly Pousette
Cameron Kids, March 2020
ISBN 978-1944903855

About the Book
An if/then picture book in which an orderly, proper little girl plans the perfect party, but her efforts to make everything “just so” literally send her off on an adventure. As she becomes more and more disheveled—her pinned up hair flies free, a giant sneeze sends her tumbling, she and her dress end up soaking wet—a wild journey unfolds. The unplanned proves to be great fun.

A peek inside the book

from Do Not Rake Your Garden in a Party Dress, an illustration © Kelly Pousette

About the Illustrator
Kelly Pousette is an illustrator and storyteller who experiments with both traditional and nontraditional techniques, often incorporating mixed media such as paper-cut pieces and shadow boxes to magical effect. She lives in northern British Columbia with her husband and her very large dog, Clovis. View Kelly's portfolio and check her out on Instagram.

Do Not Rake Your Garden in a Party Dress
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